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100% Canadian Made

Steel Building Supply in Canada

SteelBuilt Corp. is a steel building construction company specializing in customized steel building solutions and services. Our network of steel structure building professionals has over 20 years of collective experience providing steel building kits, complete steel building construction services, and materials to suit the needs of your steel frame building projects. So whether you are looking for a DIY solution or someone to manage your custom steel building from start to finish, the SteelBuilt’s team has you covered.

SteelBuilt’s manufacturing partners are located in both central and Eastern Canada, so that we can reduce the freight cost of your pre-engineered steel building, having it delivered to you at a better cost. Our unique approach to steel frame building projects is based on our network of interior designers and tradespeople available to handle any or all aspects of your steel frame building project. SteelBuilt’s one-stop shop of professionals provides building design, electrical, mechanical, and interior finishing services to reduce the stress and frustration of working with multiple contractors. When you want to save time and money, our steel building construction facilitation company offers your choice of services allowing you to customize your approach to building. We understand no two projects are alike and make it easy to manage your projects on your own terms. Starting with a free, no obligation consultation and construction quote, we help you decide the best approach for your needs.

Before you begin your steel building project in Canada, let the SteelBuilt Corp. team provide the advice you need to create a customized solution.

What we offer

Steel Building Features

Our pre-engineered steel buildings are customized for use across multiple applications. We consider architectural design requirements for your municipality to avoid roadblocks during the building process. Although some farm structures and residential garages might not require architectural services, commercial and industrial projects tend to require a complete set of drawings. Our team of designers/estimators help determine the services for your project to save you time and money. You can choose a pre-engineered steel building and install the steel structure yourself, or have our team recommend professionals in our network to install it for you and handle the construction services. Features of SteelBuilt Corp. buildings include:


Our kits come complete with holes and carefully labeled parts with easy-to-follow instructions to simplify the DIY process.


You can include features such as insulated metal panels, metal building-type fiberglass insulation, and spray foam insulation for all-season use.

Optimized space

Our designs optimize space with clear-span designs free of columns that can interfere with the layout and use of your building.

Durable Structure

Using high-quality materials that are both economical and durable, we ensure you have a rigid framework and commercial-grade steel.

The SteelBuilt Corp. team will help you determine the cost and benefits of each building feature so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

100% Canadian Made.

Types Of Steel Buildings

For over 20 years, SteeBuilt designers have helped our customers complete building projects across several building categories including:

  • Workshops: Workshops provide the workspace your business needs whether you offer repairs and service, customized projects, or manufacturing.
  • Riding Arenas: The clear-span design and high ceilings of a SteelBuilt Corp. steel building are the perfect solution for your riding arena construction project.
  • Recreational: Recreational spaces call for the strength of steel beams to create expansive spaces free of obstructions in large fields, gymnasiums, event centres, skating rinks and more.
  • Mini Storage: We can minimize the costs of traditional buildings by offering Self and Mini Storage buildings from scratch, or to expand your existing space.
  • Garages: We facilitate your entire project whether you need a residential garage or a major vehicle and equipment storage space for commercial purposes.
  • Commercial: SteelBuilt Corp. offers an affordable, efficient building alternative to expensive, traditional building methods with commercial steel building projects suitable for everything from retail to warehousing and office space to food services.
  • Barndominium/Residential: Our residential steel building experts specialize in stunning “barndos” creating exceptional living spaces with our team of design, engineering and manufacturing experts.
  • Aircraft Hangars: Steel aircraft hangars are the ideal solution to keep aircraft safe and secure.
  • Agricultural: Whether you need crop storage, a barn, equipment storage, or shelter for livestock, we offer cost-effective building processes to meet your needs.
What makes us different

Reliable Steel Building Builders

At SteelBuilt Corp. we believe in building relationships with our clients. Through our relationships, we have built trust in the industry across Canada. When you choose us as your steel building advisors you gain access to our knowledge, experience, and network connections. Our SteelBuilt Corp. Team consists of Canadian professionals coast to coast providing the services you need for your steel building projects. Our trades and interior designers can help with the specific aspects of your project you decide are best handled by experts.

We are your reliable one-stop shop of steel building experts willing to assist you on your own terms with your pick of services.

You can trust our team to assist with any or all aspects of your project including

Steel Building Material Supply
Site Plan Approval
Structural and Civil Engineering
Architectural Services
Installation Services

giving financing options to ease your next buiit. Build your next Steel Building with us now.

Our Services

Start-to-Finish Construction Services Available

Foundation Services

Optimize your steel building with our expert foundation services. We provide durable, precise, and efficient solutions tailored to your needs. Ensure stability and longevity with our top-notch foundation services.
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Installation Services

SteelBuilt Corp offers top-tier Installation services, specializing in the professional assembly and installation of steel structures for diverse construction and infrastructure projects.
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We provide complete architectural and engineering services including Site Planning, Permit Application, Building Site Grading and Preparation!.
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After speaking with a designer/estimator, we provide a set of preliminary drawings at no charge, unlike our competitors, who charge thousands. Your estimator will provide direction on how to get your project approved for a permit. Our buildings are sourced from Canadian manufacturers, delivering every project from a local business.

Our steel building experts are here to help you! Talk to a dedicated person today by calling (905) 642-1012.

What our clients mostly worried about


You will require a load verification form approved by the Town or Municipality. SteelBuilt Corp. will provide this so you can have an Engineer stamp your drawings.

The type of foundation required for your building is a combination of customer preference and engineering requirements. Types available include:

  • Floating Slab Foundation
  • Frost Wall Foundation
  • Helical Piles
  • Standard Piles
  • Piers & Footings

SteelBuilt Corp. can recommend the proper foundation for your building.

Insulation requirements are provincially mandated and can include:

  • Metal Building Insulation
  • Sandwich Panel (Architectural) Insulation
  • Spray Foam

Yes. Our SteelBuilt Corp. building kits are pre-engineered and include holes, numbers, and labels with an easy-to-follow manual. However, an Engineer must inspect the building once installed to ensure it was installed per the approved design.

Most orders take 8 weeks as long as adjustments are not requested during the manufacturing process.

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