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Steel Windows & Doors

At SteelBuilt Corp. we offer Canadian manufactured steel commercial doors and windows for your customized SteelBuilt Corp. buildings or existing structures. Each door and window is designed for easy installation, smooth operation, durability, and security.

All steel windows and doors can be customized with high-quality, durable paints in the colour of your choice.


100% Canadian Made

Steel Commercial Doors

SteelBuilt Corp. manufactures high-quality steel commercial doors customized for your needs. You choose the size, components, design, and functional details to suit your needs, and we deliver Canadian-made steel commercial door systems ideal for your building project. Our commercial steel doors are made of high-quality steel designed for low maintenance with durable paint that offers years of use. Doors are also insulated to improve energy efficiency. You can choose from a wide selection of steel residential or commercial doors for your steel buildings, including:

Regardless of your needs, we customize your doors whether you need interior hollow steel doors, insulation, flat panels, or embossed. You choose the colour, and we apply highly durable paint for years of long-lasting, low-maintenance protection and beauty.

Bi-Fold Doors

Don’t forget these features and options for your SteelBuilt building!

Each Diamond Door comes equipped with standard features (such as an electric lift motor, a high-quality frame finish, and a sturdy manual locking system) to make the operation of our bifold doors easy and convenient. However, if you are looking for door options to maximize the potential of the door and building, here are a few features you might need to hear about.

The Auto-Lock System
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This system makes operating the bifold door one step simpler by automatically unlocking (or locking) when you hit the button to open (or close) the door. Like our standard manual locking system, it provides security to the building. When paired with our remote operating system, the bifold door becomes completely accessible by remote.
The Insulation Package
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The Diamond Doors insulation package provides excellent temperature control and improves the energy efficiency of the building. Shipping cut-to-length, our rigid board polystyrene panels are easy to install and offer an insulating value of R12 (2” thickness) or R16 (3” thickness).
Door Finishing Options
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We offer a variety of door finishing options, including polycarbonate sheeting (which allows plenty of natural light into the building) and Tuff Rib cladding in a variety of colours. Mix and match finishing choices to match or complement each building style.
The Self Supporting Header
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This option is typically used in retrofit applications where the building is not strong enough to support the weight of the door or where the door must extend past the roofline of the building. For easy installation, we include all necessary hardware and finishing.
The Pedestrian Door Package
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Pedestrian doors are a great option for easier foot access into the building - especially on doors that cover the entire face of the building. They are fully insulated and come pre-installed from factory.

Our steel buildings provide a cost-effective solution to create low-maintenance, customizeD space that is safe and secure.

100% Canadian Made.

Steel Windows

Whether your building is non-insulated or all-season, we offer steel window solutions for your home or business. SteelBuilt Corp. customized steel windows are manufactured in Canada for our prefabricated kits or your existing structures. Steel windows are low maintenance and long-lasting. We offer both insulated and non-insulated window choices to suit any type of steel building structure, whether you simply want to bring in more natural light to a workshopgarage, or farm building or require fully insulated, operational windows and doors for your home or business. Because steel is so strong, it is the ideal frame for large picture windows not easily accommodated by aluminum, wood, or vinyl. Our windows are designed for easy installation or can be installed by our coast-to-coast network of trades.

Benefits of Steel Windows and Doors

SteelBuilt Corp. steel windows and doors offer many benefits, including:

  • Durability
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Low maintenance
  • Customizable colours
  • Exceptional strength
  • Fire-rated
  • Versatile design

Why Choose Us?

SteelBuilt Corp. offers a local one-stop shop for steel windows and doors right here in Canada. Whether you are building a barndominium, steel farm building, shed, garage, or customized steel building, our steel designers/estimators provide customized solutions to suit your plans and budget. With over 20 years of collective experience, the SteelBuilt Corp. team offers steel accessory design and installation expertise. We can deliver your orders to your site or assist with the installation process for our prefabricated steel building kits or your own building projects. You can trust our team to offer sound advice in hand with high-quality fabrication, and installation of your steel doors and windows.

Contact a member of our team to discuss how we can get started on your new steel build today by calling (905) 642-1012.

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